• American High School Dual Diploma opens new horizons to the future of your children, allowing them the possibility to access prestigious universities not only in the USA, but also worldwide.
  • It encourages maturity, independence and self-management in students, teaching them to acquire responsibilities and to be more competitive, helping them to enter an employment world which is more and more demanding and which is in a process of constant change and transformation.
  • Internationalisation of studies: The American High School Dual Diploma programme offers the possibility to study international courses in an easy, comfortable and flexible way, avoiding the expensive costs of studying abroad.

  • Access to new teaching methods: Students have the chance of getting to know, first hand, the workings of one of the most highly acclaimed education system in the world.
  • Preview of higher education: In the American High School Dual Diploma Programme, similar teaching methods are applied to those students face at university or any other mobility programme such as the Erasmus Programme.

The American High School Dual Diploma programme allows students to obtain two different high school diplomas by carrying out studies simultaneously at two schools.